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About Jolyn A. Rose, L.Ac.

Jolyn’s life journey began in the Land of the Living Skies- Saskatchewan Canada.  Here she studied Cultural and Medical Anthropology at the University of Regina coupled with a home study course on Western Herbalism through Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.  Through her studies Jolyn developed a desire to explore other cultures and learn about medicinal plants first hand. So from the depths of a cold Canadian winter in 1997 she transplanted herself to the Big Island of Hawaii and found what her soul had been searching for ~a deeper connection to the nature.  

In the warmth and majesty of Hawaii, during her time living and working on organic farms growing and processing medicinal foods and plants,  Jolyn became immersed in the natural world and rhythms of living in harmony with the elements. These tools coupled with her personal experiences using Acupuncture, Herbs, Moxa, and the principles of Chinese Dietetics as a source of self~healing soon led her path in the direction of studying Chinese Medicine.  In awe and amazement of the effectiveness of this medicine and with a deep desire to understand the root of how and why of it worked so well Jolyn enrolled in a 4 year masters program at the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii in 2007.   Upon completion of her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine in April of 2011 Jolyn moved to Kauai to open her Acupuncture practice based out of the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center in the heart of Kapaa.

The name Balance Within Acupuncture was chosen as an expression of the relationship and inner strength she found by immersing herself in this medicine. It was through Chinese a Medicine she found a place within herself that feeds her life purpose.  It is her gift to share and be of service to others so they too can experience their full potential and joy. 

Jolyn believes life is choice and the choices we make today shape who we are tomorrow.  We have the ability to constantly shift our focus to one that supports our growth, in turn helping us heal from past traumas, and ultimately lifting us to the best possible version of ourselves one breath at a time.  Jolyn provides a safe space to communicate and explore what is that the root of the imbalances and pain we all experience.  She encourages us to be open to new ways of healing and feeling within ourselves.  Jolyn is here to support you in living an Intention~full life and finding your balance within.


In the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.~ Lao Tzu


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