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Acupuncture on Kauai with Jolyn A. Rose, L.Ac, MSOM

Initial Consultation and First Treatment 75-90 minutes

Your initial consultation includes a thorough review of your personal and medical history.  A complete Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic questionnaire will be sent to you via email when you schedule your first appointment. If you prefer, the questionnaire can alternatively be completed with Jolyn during initial intake. 30 minutes

Your first treatment immediately follows the initial consultation. Based off of your chief complaint(s) and health history Jolyn will create an individualized treatment blending a combination of various healing modalities.  45-60 minutes

Initial treatments include a report of findings typically 2-3 days after.  This serves as a check in as to the effectiveness of your first session. During this time you can give feed back regarding your experience and Jolyn will explain her TCM diagnosis and treatment plan.  Report of findings is typically scheduled as a phone/Skype/or FaceTime appointment or done at your follow up appointment. 15 minutes

Additional Follow Up Acupuncture Treatments 60 minutes

Jolyn will outline her proposed treatment plan after your first session in the Report of Findings, this will vary greatly from person to person. Essentially the follow up treatment builds on the foundation established in the initial treatment. If it’s an acute imbalance two or three treatments may be enough to resolve the issue. For chronic imbalances expect to be put on a longer term care plan.

Chinese Medicine works best when treatments are done close together in the beginning, for example twice per week.  Once you begin to feel significant relief the frequency of treatments decreases to once a week or once every two weeks.  It is recommended to continue treatments monthly or seasonally for maintenance. Acupuncture is commonly used in China and the West as an excellent form of preventive medicine for optimum well being and longevity.


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