Please check with your insurance provider to find out if your plan has Acupuncture coverage.  Jolyn A. Rose, L.Ac. is currently accepting the following Insurance Plans:


  • Tri-West
  • Tri-Care Choice
  • VA (Veterans Affairs)
  • HMSA (HMO, PPO, & Medicare Advantage PPO; benefit plan)COMP CARE Rider
  • Kaiser Permanente Hawaii (HMO; benefit plan)
  • Kaiser Permanente Hawaii/ On-the-job (Worker’s Comp/No-Fault)
  • American Speciality Health (HMSA Choose Healthy Affinity Program)
  • American Speciality Health Seamless Accounts (Benefit Plan)
  • AlohaCare Advantage with referral from PCP
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Auto Accident